Key points of provided development services

  • rapid development of turn-key solutions and mobile apps, providing world-class application development services, targeting mainly Android and iOS platforms
  • iterative approach to building applications and solutions with frequent demos to meet expectations of our customers in the best possible way
  • mobile apps integration with any back-end environment, developing backend on our own using GO or using existing customer servers/environment
  • automation of the development cycle both for mobile and backend applications
  • consulting services to assess your existing solutions and help create a roadmap to improve the quality and decrease time to market for the new features
If you want us to estimate development efforts for any kind of the app, feel free to contact us.

Mobile Apps

Our motto: develop the app once, use everywhere. We use Flutter to create amazing native apps for iOS and Android using one common source code. This approach decreases development time and the efforts for further app support and maintenance.

Backend Apps

We develop backend services, APIs and websites using GO, open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Check Why Go for more details

Turnkey solutions

We create turnkey solutions, covering all the parts of the product development: Mobile Apps, APIs, Web Sites and admin consoles, bots & more. We can also take care about hosting and deployment.